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About Planet Wheels.

Planet Wheels Limited has been providing professional alloy wheel refurbishment services for a number of years from our purpose built alloy wheel refurbishment and repair centre in High Wycombe.

We have a dedicated team of alloy wheel experts who are driven to deliver flawless results in the fastest tiimes possible, providing a professional service where excellence is the expectation and not the exception.

We cover a whole range of professional services from straightening and repairing alloy wheels through to full dip stripping and professional powder coating services, we even have the facilities to provide diamond cut services using our own in house experts and machinery.

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Planet Wheels - Where Quality Counts

Planet Wheels work with clients of all sizes from car dealerships through to single alloy wheel repairs for an individual person, it makes no difference to us, the same strict quality procedures are followed for every alloy wheel we refurbish in our dedicated alloy wheel refurbishment centre.

We have worked hard to build our reputation as a friendly, open business that is focused on delivering a cost effective, professional, quality refurbishment for our clients that is delivered, on time, every time at the right price. Our business thrives on the quality of our service, the friendly helpful nature of our professional staff and the value we offer to our clients.

The Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Centre

A Purpose Built Facilty

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Planet Wheels Limited deliver a professional, cost effective, alloy wheel refurbishment service from our dedicated, purpose built, refurbishment centre in High Wycombe.

Catering For All Brands

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Planet Wheels Limited have the expertise and facility to cater for all brands of vehicles and their alloy wheels, from specialist classic cars to daily runners, we have the right solution.

Precision Engineering

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Planet Wheels Limited own and operate the latest HAAS machinery to provide the ultimate in precision engineering for your alloy wheels, we have a full range of programmes.

Professional Chemical Stripping

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Planet Wheels don't just partially repair, we chemically strip our alloy wheels and repair from the raw face upwards to guarantee a perfect factory finish on your alloy wheels.

Professional Powder Coating

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Once repaired Planet Wheels professionally base, powder coat and bake your alloy wheels to deliver a new factory finish to your alloy wheels ready to go back on your pride and joy.

Specialised Dedicated Work Bays

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All work carried out in our alloy wheel refurbishment centre, is carried out by professionals in dedicated bays delivering full traceability for every alloy wheel we handle.

Traceable Working Practices

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Every alloy wheel is checked from inception through to completion, each alloy wheel is logged and tagged into refurbishment bays providing full traceability for every alloy wheel we handle.

Where your vehicle is our priority

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Planet Wheels understand that your alloy wheels are not only a safety matter but also often seen as the dressing for your vehicle, we treat all alloy wheels as though they are our own.

Where Quality Counts

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All of our refurbished alloy wheels go through a stringent 8-point quality check before being passed and certified as fit for return to your vehicle, only then do we re rubber and refit your wheels.

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Delivering a factory finish

Factory Finish

With Planet Wheels, your alloy wheel repair or refurbishment is in safe, professional hands. Our objective is always to deliver your alloy wheels back to your either as good as or better then when your alloy wheels left the factory.

We can mechanically straighten your alloy wheels, professionally weld any cracks, refurbish and remove scratches, nicks and imperfections, re-treat, re-machine and re-coat your alloy wheels all from within our professional refurbishment centre in High Wycombe.

Whatever your requirement, why not give is a call or get a quote from us for your alloy wheels? We offer a friendly, open service that is always here to help bring the life back to your alloy wheels.

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